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SERVICE Infomercials and Commercials

Below is a sampling of Infomercial Solutions productions of infomericals and commercials for the "Services" industry. Click the play button for each service to view highlights of the finished infomercial or commercial.

Debt Relief Solutions - Commercial Debt Relief Solutions
Play-Debt Relief Solutions Commercial

Credit card debt is a crippling problem that affects the lives of millions of American families. But now there is a way reduce or eliminate credit card debt, thanks to Debt Relief Solutions.

Veteran financial analyst Jordan Goodman is the spokesperson for this service, which has helped men and women all over the country eliminate their credit card debt and start having a bright financial future.

Light His Fire - Dr. ellen Kreidman Infomercial Light His Fire – Dr. Ellen Kreidman
Play - Light His Fire with Dr. Ellen Kreidman

When you’re working with a vibrant personality like Dr. Ellen Kreidman you just put a camera on her and let her go! The key to making an infomercial like this successful is making sure you get the full impact of the talent’s passion and knowledge into the show.

A program such as this requires much more than 30 minutes of tape but skillful editing ensures the finished program retains all of the passion and enthusiasm of the talent’s message. We take pride in making sure that only the best, most motivational elements of the material we tape make it into our final programs.

Psychic Friends with Dionne Warwick Infomercial Psychic Friends with Dionne Warwick

Occasionally in one's life, we have an opportunity to be a part of something that changes the popular landscape. That was our experience with the "Psychic Friends" infomercial series.

Dionne and her "gifted psychics" became household names and remained at the top of the ratings for more than 5 years. The true gifts of her psychics is certainly debatable but they gave a listening ear and a generous dose of caring to millions of folks who needed a burst of hope and some kind advice.

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