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ENTERTAINMENT Infomercials & Commercials

Below is a sampling of Infomercial Solutions productions of infomericals and commercials for the "Entertainment" industry. Click the play button for each product to view highlights of the finished infomercial or commercial.

Razor Scooter Commerical Razor Scooter
Play - Razor Scooter Commercial

The Razor Scooter took the country by storm and became one of the most successful Direct Response campaigns of all time.

Featuring a product that every kid "had to have," the Razor Scooter became a phenomenon and this commercial helped drive that success.

Dragnet DVD Collection for the 50's Commercial Dragnet DVD Collection
Play - Dragnet DVD Collection Commerical

Never has there been a TV show that more defined "law and order" than Dragnet! With Jack Webb out on the streets, we all knew the world was a safer place to live in!

The key to marketing this series, was to capture the essence of the original 1950’s television classic and yet still make it seem "hip" to today’s DVD buying public.

Natural Golf Infomercial and Commercial Natural Golf
Play - Natural Golf Infomercial and Commerical

Natural Golf is an infomercial that we did not originally produce. When it first was put on the air, it brought in less revenue than the client had hoped for. With our reputations as "script doctors," we reworked the show to improve its performance. We rewrote the introduction and the call to action as well as re-editing much of the content.

The version of the show that we "doctored" had its performance increased substantially and aired successfully for over a year.

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